Sun Salute

Sun Salute…. you know those old 70’s cartoons and their depictions of the characters running? Think Roadrunner. With those elliptical lines and kicked-up dust, no legs showing? I think of that when this song starts out & takes off running. It’s running, running, running. Frenetic. Then it quickly comes to a halt, and we end up in the meadow, where things are pretty and slow and the complete opposite of spinning ellipses. Makes me think of this hard Sun Salutation yoga flow that kicks my ass… It’s pretty and flows nicely but it’s also deceivingly intense & before you know it your heart rate is up, you’re breathing hard, your muscles are shaking. An hour later you still feel that buzz just under your skin. I guess that works for this song too.

Sun Salute is the 6th song in the Night Blooming series of new unmixed songs by 50 Foot Wave. Listen/download/share at


Now Resonating: Fippy

Been thinking about doing periodic posts about songs that are currently resonating with me, if only to keep track of it because *I* think it can be interesting. Sometimes what’s resonating will jump all over the place, a new song every day, or it’ll be something that sticks for a while. Some are like recurring dreams, that I’ll obsess on every few months (like Status Quo). Maybe there’s a pattern.

Yesterday’s song of resonance was Nobody’s Tar, Nobody’s Feathers. I’m fairly convinced that the last 30 seconds of this song make it my favorite of the Men’s Room songs (subject to change, of course!). I LOVE those “AHHH-AHHH-OHHH”‘s at the end. LOVE THEM. So much. Other than that though, musically, this song just *feels* right. I say that all the time. I should get more creative.

Really, though, I hear those “AHHH-AHHH-OHHH”‘s and think it’s the greatest thing I’ve ever heard. It almost always makes me immediately repeat the song. It’s really hard for me to get through Men’s Room without repeating this song at least once.

This single song obsession of yesterday was tight on the heels of general Fippy resonance from the day before. It started off with Power+Light, which sparked off a Men’s Room thing. I drove to work with those guys, thinking about their math, how Kristin, Bernard and Rob’s parts all work together, the starts, the stops, the time changes. I love Fippy math. It fascinates me.

Ping-Pong Drums

I’ve got to say, I’m infatuated with Nobody’s Tar, Nobody’s Feathers. (yeah, yeah, I know, I always love them…. whatever)

I won’t tell you how many times I listened to this on repeat, but it’s a lot and it spanned more than a day. What I found addictive (mostly) is the “AHHHHH-AHHHHH-OHHHH”s at the end. I have no idea why it is that I love that part so much, but I find it so incredible that it makes me want to hear it again. and again. and again. It’s just perfect, the way the music flows, coupled with Kristin’s “AHHHHH-AHHHHH-OHHHH”s and DAMN, it’s just the greatest thing I’ve ever heard. (yeah, yeah, I know, I say THAT all the time too)

The first thing that struck me in this song, however, was the ping-pong drums. I love how as Kristin sings the words “ping-pong” Rob makes the drums sound like he’s pelting ping-pong balls around the room. That’s so great.

I love this band. These 4 songs have surpassed all my wildest dreams for what this album would bring to the table. I’m immensely happy that it’s going to be more than the EP as first planned, and that they’ve recorded more songs to make it a complete album. The even better part? I have NO IDEA what those other songs are or what they’ll be like. I’d like to keep it that way, til it’s their turn to make it to the CASH Music download page. I can’t wait to hear what they’ll be like, having been written and recorded a year after these first several songs. I’ve found these songs to be so individual and diverse, which makes anything else unpredictable. Exactly how I like it.

I love surprises.

Free Fall

I had such a stressful drive home Friday, trying to beat Friday Boston traffic for 3pm school pickup. I was late before the highway-blocking accident 10 minutes from school, it sucked. At least school didn’t yell at me, I sure wasn’t in the mood for that.

I was so aggravated by the time I got home. I jumped right back online, since I still had my workday to finish and something told me to check the Free Fall was up. I really needed it then.

I would’ve preferred to hear it when I was not half pissed off, but it did get me out of my funk although it took me a bit longer to feel it.

I really felt like I needed an afro the first couple of times I heard this, the grooviness popped out at me. Now I don’t focus on that so much anymore. It’s big. It’s beautiful. I love the lyrical quotes. The killer drums. The screaming guitar. The grooooooovy bass. It’s so strong. If songs were bones, Free Fall would be a femur.

These 50FOOTWAVE songs are so SMRT. (like that?) I love their brains and their complexity, my brain loves this, the structure, the precision. The perfection. I love how these first 3 songs have had such distinct personalities. They keep me thinking.

I’m so overwhelmed by Free Fall. It must seem like I’m ALWAYS overwhelmed. With Kristin’s music, I am.

Our delicate trauma.

I love this song, forgive me

See what I did there? Made a little play on words? Took Kristin’s line and made it fit my needs? I’m oh-so-clever!

I figured I should talk about Radiant Addict before the next 50FOOTWAVE song from With Love from the Men’s Room is posted. Before I become an addict of something *else*. Whoa, I’m being clever again! I think I’m so fucking funny sometimes.

But seriously, I love this song, forgive me. ‘Forgive me’ because sometimes I feel like maybe I just love ALL the songs way too much and maybe that discounts my reactions to new songs. Like, oh, tine loves EVERYTHING. But that’s just not true (I still don’t like That’s All You Wanted, sorry).

C’mon though, the DRUMS, OMG, the DRUMS. boomboomboomboomboom. Firing off like the darts in my head. It gives me restless leg syndrome.

“So this is god’s country, boy his bugs are itchy” This makes me laugh inside.

The bass is kinda…..sinister? Like, those nutty drum beats are right in your face, but that bass is lurking in the background, sneering at you a bit, saying ‘I’m badass too’ then that crazy guitar at the end just BITESYOURFUCKINGHEADOFF. Bam. and it ends. I love that. So abrupt, so final. “I’ve just bitten your fucking head off! Finis.” That guitar apparently has a really funny accent too but sadly I can’t convey that in this post.