Purgatory/Paradise Live Tweets

A long time ago I live tweeted Purgatory/Paradise. I’ve just found these on my computer so I’ve taken the liberty to copy them here in order of appearance. For posterity, you know?

waiting for an angle of the light…. …. some sound … …. a certain level of humidity.

ohmygod, is Smoky Hands not the most beautiful song?

It’s so sweet and pretty and nice, then Morning Birds flies in like a brick to the face. It’s startling almost. I like that, though.

Sleepwalking 2. A Throwing Muses song if I’ve ever heard one. I ❤ all the Sleepwalkings more than I love most things.

and Sunray! Sunray. i don't remember to pray, either.

"hell, i remember you" – i like to think about that from two angles. it works both ways.

i see Film as a sepia-toned dusty old Western. i'd love to make that video but i don't think @throwingbernard is cool with my horses idea

i love how Cherry Candy 1 is like the sugar high & Cherry Candy 2 is the mellowness that follows. contrasts can't exist without each other.

Freesia. that red and orange doorway is stunning, isn't it? bright, gorgeous song imagery. this song has a distinct smell, too. a nice one.

Curtains 1. Like you're ascending a big roller coaster. pulling. up. slowly. looking toward the peak. then you're stopped at the top…

… your breath stops, then you plunge down into Triangle Quantico, and the coaster rolls over smaller bumps and hills, twists and turns.

Morning Birds 2 is like the lazy river (we're still in the amusement park, friends). Calms us when we can't stop moving, you know?

oh god, Lazy Eye. the tempo changes. that chorus. those drums.

I love that Blurry 1 shares chords with Smoky Hands. Those two are a good pair.

if someone would like to make me a Folding Fire 2 ringtone I'd love that so much.

Slippershell always shocks me, 'oh! CASH track.' no, Muses song, silly. bells are nice, though, right? rockin.

Bluff. It's so simple and beautiful. You don't need complexity for loveliness. Pure. white. and a little foggy.

Blurry 2 strolls along a weedy and flowery rocky backdrop. Then you fall off a little cliff at the end.

Don't you feel like you're sitting against that guard rail in Terra Nova? There's a lot to learn from this song if you just feel it.

oh god, Walking Talking. It's mossy and gray and just oh, oh, there aren't words. under a tree canopy.

MILAN needs all caps. MILAN is big. It stands up and takes charge of the room. Electrifying, it makes the hairs on your arms stand up.

MILAN ends a little sad, cuz you've lost your way, but it's not, because you'll find it again, don't you worry.

Curtains 2 is about fear. We all have it.

Folding Fire 1, can we go outside? love that this is paired with Lazy Eye, this album is so smart. and the bass? perfection.

ok, so Static. the looping parts and all the layers are like this fantastical land where you can discover new things each time you fall in.

"only sweetness that's all, to shake off the bitter" is a lyric which comes to mind to define the gorgeousness of Clark's Nutcracker.

Dripping Trees holds its own without it's demo buddy, Cherry Candy. I imagine this one in a grassy field.

Sleepwalking 2. These are my Muses, what else can I say? it is BAD.ASS. And maybe you shouldn't, you know, drive a forklift today.

… and maybe call your grandma or something.

Smoky Hands 2 and its instrumental loveliness. A perfect seque into Speedbath, another friend visiting from the CASH series.

Speedbath is another beachy song, feel the sand under your feet?

Quick is about gaining strength from an extreme, crushing low. Just like this story of the goddess Akhilandeshvari: http://www.elephantjournal.com/2011/06/why-being-broken-in-a-pile-on-your-bedroom-floor-is-a-good-idea-julie-jc-peters/

Dripping Trees 2 is reedy. And so very true.

Glass Cats. It’s a dark, maroon velvet-lined room. It sees your soul and your future, but it won’t tell you what it is.

And that, my friends, concludes today’s impromptu live-tweeting of @throwingmuses Purgatory/Paradise.