I guess this is a poem

On Kristin’s Songs

They’re flowing water
     (Bubble Net)
They’re gray rocks of different shapes and sizes
     (Rubber Bullets)
They’re green trees sparkling with post rain diamonds
     (Status Quo)
They’re crashing ocean waves
     (God’s Not A Dick)
They’re rolling deep ocean swells
     (Diving Bell)
They’re gorgeous field flowers of yellow and blue

They’re tall grass.
     (Snake Oil)
They’re beautiful skies of blue studded with Simpsons clouds
They’re rain, too
They’re hurricanes of thunder and wind
     (St. Christopher)
They’re the sand beneath your feet
     (37 Hours)
They’re waiting
     (Me and My Charms)
They’re tears

They’re laughter
     (El Dorado)
They’re an empty, sparse room
     (Tuesday Night)
They’re red and orange
They’re forest paths
     (Vitamins V)
They’re seashells
They’re slate
     (Deep Wilson)
They’re a maroon velvety room
     (Glass Cats)
They’re warmth

They’re pure sweetness
They’re airy, free
They’re cliffside flowers
     (Red Eyes)
They’re a white-glowing blue
     (White Bikini Sand)
They’re despair
     (The Letter)
They’re dreamy and flowing
They’re brutally cold
They’re smoky and bare

They’re nature. They’re beauty. They’re truth.
They keep me dancing.