Secret Codes

This is such a cold, crisp, dark clear night song for me. Every time I hear it I’m there, embraced by that crisp breath-mist late winter desolate night. So cold you can smell it. It’s a very alone feeling song, cold and aloneness often go together. You only know secret codes.

You just ache with hope til it goes away.

This is so much truth to this. Learning to live without hope is the hardest thing to do but it makes life so much easier. Hope that someone will notice. Hope that someone will reach out. Hope that things were different. Hope that it didn’t have to suck sometimes. Hope that you weren’t alone, even with a lot of people around you. That’s the staggering part. Hope that you didn’t disappear. But you probably did. The vicious cycle.

But you get rid of that hope that someone will rescue you from your abyss and you find you can win it. You fall back in and try to climb out of this hole many times over, and eventually you can do it and feel the warmth again. And you didn’t need my help at all.

See? When these songs are hard they are filled with inspiration and strength, too.

Listen to Secret Codes and the other new Spark Meet Gasoline songs here:


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