a hiatus undone

what an amazing way to wake up.

i wrote that hiatus post the other day because i could feel i was nearing the end of it. i was feeling something in the ether, a bit itchy, like I was holding out for something special, something that would strike someday, somehow, some way. Who knew that later that same day Kristin would post about a secret show that turned out to be the very next day.

no better way to break a fast than to see Kristin and Dave perform together opening for Black Francis. Holy crap. Such an amazing show. The only thing that could’ve made it better was if the people who had wanted to be there were able to be there. I wished more of Kristin’s listeners could have been there. Never can get enough love in a room.

Mississippi Kite · Sno Cat · White Suckers · Quick · Delicate Cutters · Krait · You Cage · Flooding · Your Dirty Answer · White Bikini Sand · Your Ghost (with Black Francis) · Wave of Mutilation (also with Black Francis)

Krait. I need to talk about Krait. I could never single out a favorite song until Krait. To me, Krait is perfect. But last night, last night Dave played the most incredible drums on Krait that just propelled that song to a whole new level. So good that I tried to record it on my phone but the sound is all blown out from the crap phone mic, so, well, now I just hope to see that again someday.

White Suckers. I’m so happy Kristin’s been playing White Suckers lately. White Suckers is one of those songs that (for me) was a bit overshadowed by the heavy hitters on the record – like Spain, Your Dirty Answer, etc… but years later it pops out and says “hey!” and you realize it’s an incredible song that ends up being one of your favorites. White Suckers had its hand raised in the back of the room all this time. It’s a song that’s been resonating with me for a good part of the past year, and I love it even more for that.

Kristin, Dave and Charles doing Wave of Mutilation. What a great little duet that turned out to be! Love, love, LOVED it. The one thing that struck me most was how beautiful Kristin’s voice sounded. It’s a rare day that you hear Kristin singing with someone, and her voice sounded SO pretty against Frank’s (yes, his names are all interchangeable, to me, anyway). I tried to record it halfway through because I loved it so much, but the sound was a bit much for my phone’s mic so that didn’t quite work out so well.

Kristin and Dave’s set had me all open and receptive to music. I was feeling it completely, SO HAPPY. By the time Black Francis’ set I couldn’t keep still in my chair, sorry row-mates. Loved that he opened with Nimrod’s Son. Loved all his solo songs, new songs, Pixies songs. Loved his set so much. So much fun. No complaints there. I’d love to rewind time and experience that night again. Or maybe rewrite this post to use the word ‘love’ a bit less. Nah.


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