“A pretty picture of you breathing air / and you’re just standing there…..static”

I find this line so very striking. It’s been hitting me really hard over the past few months, each time I hear Static. This line stands out and resonates with me for quite some time.

What a wonderful, amazing way to look at a picture. Breathing life into a flat 2-D representation of a person, it makes that photo alive. It makes that person alive, whether they still are or not. Standing there. Static. Yet not. They’re breathing. They’re thinking. Their lungs are moving. Their neurons are firing all through their body. Thoughts are jetting across their brain pathways. They are anything BUT static.

Contrasts. We’re back to the contrasts again. I’m always so drawn to the contrasts. And I don’t think I can look at pictures the same way again. I will always, always see more. Feel more. Appreciate more.


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