Holy crap, I’m LOVING the Badass Sparkly Baritone.

Detox. This song. It slays me. When I first heard it, I gasped at the first tempo change. Then the next. I LOVE it when they start off one way and drastically shift. It’s always best when I hear songs for the first time when I’m alone because I tend to react. My kids laughed at me once when they saw that.

I watch this video in awe, staring at Kristin’s hands and at what they’re doing. I couldn’t imagine being able to play guitar like that. I play like a preschooler in comparison. I’ll say it again, though, I LOVE that sparkly baritone.

I love the rhythmic vocals, Detox’s changes and shifts, its flow and it’s cyclical nature. I love the slight variations in lyric structure/words which is kinda one of those things Kristin’s pretty damn spectacular at. Even just the way she sings the word “chair”. So great, even that one word. This song has every single element of what I truly love about Kristin’s music. I won’t spell those things out here, but every single thing I love about Kristin’s music, song structure, and vocals can be found in these two and a half or so minutes. Just gorgeous. Another big, beautiful, sparkly song.


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