Like A Dog

Last May I had a moment with Like a Dog, “Now Resonating” in retrospect. I dug out this old email I sent to Kristin back then.

May, 2011: I’ve been having a mini-obsession with Like A Dog’s aching beauty over the past week. Kinda bowls me over with it’s depth, especially when coupled with the simplicity of the stripped-down 10-4 All version. It’s making me a bit pensive.

I’m thinking about it in terms of motherhood. How all you want to do is give and give and give all of yourself to this wonderful little creature you made, and it never feels like it’ll ever be enough, because your love is just that great. And how scary it can be. You bring these babies up and make them the best people you can, and they have to walk away from your house one day when they’re ready to be set free and you hope that they’re prepared for this big, bad world. You’ve given them all these tools and you hope it’s been enough. It hurts a little when they leave and spread their wings (I imagine) but they have to do it. Same way the cygnets one day have to fly away after mom and dad swan have taught them to fly and catch fish and stand their ground vs. the Canadian geese. And still, you can’t give them enough.

Whatever it really means doesn’t matter to me, this is just what it’s given me the past few days as I’ve gone off on my little thinking tangent. I’m not really done processing it.

March, 2012: It’s a year later and I have a 14-year-old and this stuff is still scary. Scarier, I think. I don’t expect that to get any less scary, either. Ever.


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