Now Resonating: Fippy

Been thinking about doing periodic posts about songs that are currently resonating with me, if only to keep track of it because *I* think it can be interesting. Sometimes what’s resonating will jump all over the place, a new song every day, or it’ll be something that sticks for a while. Some are like recurring dreams, that I’ll obsess on every few months (like Status Quo). Maybe there’s a pattern.

Yesterday’s song of resonance was Nobody’s Tar, Nobody’s Feathers. I’m fairly convinced that the last 30 seconds of this song make it my favorite of the Men’s Room songs (subject to change, of course!). I LOVE those “AHHH-AHHH-OHHH”‘s at the end. LOVE THEM. So much. Other than that though, musically, this song just *feels* right. I say that all the time. I should get more creative.

Really, though, I hear those “AHHH-AHHH-OHHH”‘s and think it’s the greatest thing I’ve ever heard. It almost always makes me immediately repeat the song. It’s really hard for me to get through Men’s Room without repeating this song at least once.

This single song obsession of yesterday was tight on the heels of general Fippy resonance from the day before. It started off with Power+Light, which sparked off a Men’s Room thing. I drove to work with those guys, thinking about their math, how Kristin, Bernard and Rob’s parts all work together, the starts, the stops, the time changes. I love Fippy math. It fascinates me.


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