I woke up today with Curtains in my head. Curtains 1, to be specific. I heard a piece of Curtains 2 once in the studio. The slight lyrical difference between the two left me wanting more. I can’t *wait* to hear this finished Throwing Muses record and feel the rest. It’s one of those songs (two of?) with subtle intensity. One in which you’ll find so much more after it lets you pierce through its surface a bit.

“First rule: Don’t Speak” gets me every time. Kinda smacks you in the face with that, huh?

The Curtains/Triangle Quantico pairing hit me pretty hard when I first heard it. I likened the pause between the two fragments as being much like the pause at the highest point of a roller coaster, just before you plunge down. The anticipation of that rush about to come, when you leave your stomach up top. I love that feeling, that breathtaking moment before the plunge.

With Triangle Quantico, that drop throws you right into its rolling guitar-emotions: upanddown, upanddown, upanddown. I love so much how that guitar conveys the feeling of the song, the up and down of feeling helpless and helping someone who needs it, giving them all you can yet not knowing what they need. I don’t often think too hard about lyrics, preferring to *feel* the song and the emotions within it, but sometimes they speak and I’ve got to listen. This one comes with an important lesson that’s impossible to ignore.

A song like this has the potential to crush me, I think, if not for the absolute beauty of the contrasting guitar sounds. The guitar almost envelopes me protectively, because I tend to feel too hard. Music is so wonderful like that, and I think Kristin has a particular talent for making the hardest things sound the most gorgeous. Like yeah, I feel so helpless, but let’s ride this roller coaster together and YAY! I left my stomach up there, and look at the pretty colors as we roll by…

It’s all about being there for people you love most, even if you don’t know how. Is there nothing more important than that?


One thought on “Rolling

  1. Brian Ferrin says:

    Arrrgggghhhhh…. You’re killing me with these roller coaster comparisons. As if waiting for the album isn’t agonizing enough.

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