On Quick and a Hindu Goddess

Quick doesn’t make me sad. It never did, despite it being a *really* sad song. It’s SO intense and maybe that’s why. I feel like it wants me to absorb it, acknowledge it and feel it. This song shows just how bad things can be and how helpless it can feel hitting rock bottom and it damn near throws me into the corner in a sobbing heap, BUT! It leaves me feeling cleansed in the end.

When that heavy guitar kicks in and the chorus starts, and Kristin’s just *belting* that out, it feels like such a purging. When it’s over, I feel beaten and spent, yet strengthened, because all the bad shit has been expelled. It epitomizes that turning point, where shit is just SO bad you have to confront it, stare it down and push it the fuck away and win the fight.

These hopeless, horrible moments (as extended as they sometimes can be), they always seem to pass, even when you think they never will. There’s such strength in just knowing that, I think.

I wrote those above words to Kristin back in May of 2011. It’s how I’ve always perceived Quick. I look to it often for strength.

Fast forward to June 2011 and I came across this most incredible article that someone had posted a link to on Facebook, I think. It’s about this Hindu goddess named Akhilandeshvari who gains power from being that broken, sobbing heap on the floor. Read the article here, it’s pretty incredible. I read that article and my jaw dropped to the floor. It was EVERYTHING I felt about Quick, but didn’t say quite so elegantly. I drew many parallels in the Hindu symbolism to what Quick had always been showing me. That when you’re at your lowest you can pull together strength you didn’t know you had to put yourself back together and rise up stronger than before.

It’s a really important concept to keep in mind, I think, especially when the mind is rational. We all feel like shit at one time or another, and Quick is one of those songs that can remind us that it’s OK and we CAN get through. There’s so much strength to be found there. “In our brokenness, we are unlimited. And that means we are amazing.”

And so are these songs. These beautiful, smart songs.


3 thoughts on “On Quick and a Hindu Goddess

  1. solardip says:

    I recently went back to Quick and the others in that series.
    http://kristinhersh.cashmusic.org/series2/ The handful that didn’t land on Crooked really are gems that could use a little push out into the world. Bliss, Quick, Bamboo, Opiates and Gin have plenty to say.

    To turn ugly into beauty is a wonderful gift. Since we can’t all accomplish that artistically, we’re fortunate to have artists such as Kristin Hersh, who shares her version of making something true and beautiful out of everything life throws at you, good, bad and tedious.

    I thank the lord sneaky jesus ever’ dang day for you, @kristinhersh!

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