Pull up a chair

… and sit here for a while with me in The Grotto. It’s midnight here, dark as pitch. You see only stars in the blue-black night sky. The moon is back over there, on the other side of the house. The night is clear. I sit here, on the porch swing of this old house. The porch wraps around, but I’m in front. The house is a blue-gray, it’s porch old and weathered, so it’s a little brown, too. Some of the songs here are cold, but it’s not here where I am. It’s a comfortable night, just me, the stars, the sounds of the night bugs and these songs. And now you.

Midnight in The Grotto is a wonderful place to be. Rocking on this porch swing, feeling the starkness of the night and the naked, exposed songs. To keep in touch with your silence. It’s content here, perfect. A lovely place to just be and feel the music. Only sweetness, that’s all. To shake off the bitter.

We need that sometimes. I truly appreciate the grounding, centering nature of this record. Afterward, I can drive off, bringing that contentment along from The Grotto, after Kristin’s shown me that she really does have the coolest view.


2 thoughts on “Pull up a chair

  1. maria says:

    A beautiful take, as always, Tine. I agree; The Grotto’s best in the dark, especially the “creaking ship” in Silver Sun. (Is that just me?)

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