Killing Two Birds

Killing Two Birds, the first of Kristin Hersh’s Sparkly Baritone Songs.

Killing Two Birds wants to be big. (I think) I hear this as a band song. Feels like that baritone wants to be an anchor for all kinds of embellishment. Sound layers that flow in and out with the tempo changes. No surprise that this comes with a whole different feel from the first three demos in this series, I’m really interested in how all these will pan out over time.

“Street puke’s not your fault” is a pretty great opening line. A New Orleans song, for sure. I’m a huge sucker for arpeggios, and this song’s got a nice bit of that going on. I love how it flows, the quiet pretty parts, Kristin’s voice being exquisitely beautiful, how the song builds yet stays pretty. Again, showing Kristin’s talent for making not nice things sound pretty. There’s a certain beauty to be found in even bad things, I guess, and Kristin keeps teaching me that.


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