The Diving Bell Makes Me Cry

The Diving Bell.

The Diving Bell makes me cry.

The Diving Bell was posted back in July 2011. It’s February 2012 now. It made me cry like a baby when I first heard it. Over and over I heard it, and over and over it made me cry. Real, dripping tears. I’m not embarrassed to admit that, I lost my shame a long time ago when it comes to this stuff.

The Diving Bell is stunningly beautiful. There really aren’t better words. The guitar is incredibly gorgeous, it’s ringing coupled with Kristin’s sweet vocals is what’s making this song, even in it’s demo form, one of my all-time favorites. Normally I’d NEVER make that distinction when a song is really still in it’s infantile form, not having been recorded in the studio, but this, oh, this. And hell, I rarely make that distinction even with songs that are finished. This is different.

I hear The Diving Bell as what it is. It’s sparkly guitar. Kristin’s beautiful voice. Not much else. I like it stark. The vocal and guitar are such a perfect pairing in this case, they don’t need much embellishment at all. They should stand alone. I think the addition of bass or drums in this song would take away that inherent beauty. Of course a bit of embellishment is great. I do think, though, that this song *feels* like it needs to stay pure to itself. Minimalist. Sometimes that’s the most striking way to be.

The Diving Bell is such a ‘floating on water’ type of song. Like you’re way off shore, rolling on gentle waves. It’s really quite lovely. I kinda love to go there. To fall into this song, it almost envelopes you like sand would, if you stood on the water’s edge as the tide came in, your feet sinking deeper and deeper. Feels pretty nice though, doesn’t it?

“into your void I follow….” is where The Diving Bell makes me cry. It’s heartbreaking. I could write more but it makes me cry.


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