Eden through the blizzard

Only you can see Eden through the blizzard

This has always been one of my most favorite lyrics, from El Dorado. I think of it often, several times a month, easy. It’s this line that helps me through The Hard Things. It’s motivation to get through it. It’s a reminder that Eden is out there, and if you look closely enough, you can see it as the swirling snow parts for a moment. And it’s hope. A direction in which to walk, bent forward to push through the strong wind, ice burning on your face to get through to the other side. Thinking, “This really sucks but if I keep going I’ll get through it.” and Eden is perfect. The beautiful reward for your perseverance, the serenity and calm. Even bliss?

I’m reminded of this as I read Kristin’s essay, Eden. This idea of home is your Eden, your pot of gold through the endless storm of life. We all have our Eden, as we all have our blizzard. Sometimes life can be a huge pile of bullshit and we need to find smaller Edens along the way to keep us going.

Music, for me, is my one consistent Eden. Home doesn’t have to be a *place*. I hear these songs sometimes and it’s like coming home. Kristin’s songs. New ones seem to come right in and fill this spot I had, waiting for their puzzle piece, an empty spot I hadn’t realized I had until it had been filled. They all bring their own bit of self, I let them in and make them my own. I feel them and let them say what they want, or say nothing until years later, when the time is right. They morph and change and adapt with life, and they’re always there, regardless. When things suck, I can fall into the music and feel at home there. A reprieve.

These songs are my Eden.

We’re all trying to find our way home one way or another. I curse Disney for ruining the concept of “we’re all in this together”, because we are. Your blizzard, my blizzard, your Eden, or mine. They’re different, yet the same.

I hope you….find your way home.


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