Strange Aging

Time flies. 14 years ago yesterday I gave birth to my first daughter. She was a month early and the tiniest little thing. She was 5 lbs. I called her my little sack of flour. And a whole lot of other things, that kid had so many nicknames.

Her real name, though, is very special to us. All along it was my intent to name her something starting with K. We tried out several options on the fridge in magnet letters. We’d look at our choice for as long as we needed until we didn’t like it and changed to something else. We kept coming back to KALEN, which was a name we saw on a license plate on a car in Hawaii when we were on our honeymoon. We were driving behind that car and we both agreed it was a cool name. And it stuck.

It’s purely by chance that I married into an H surname, but the K is completely intentional to honor Kristin Hersh. Kalen has always known that she’s Kristin’s “initialsake”. She knows how much this music has meant to me since I was 17, and how much Kristin means to me as a friend. There’s no doubt that this music has shaped my adult life, which may have taken a different path had I not found it. I may not have this life I have, this husband, these children. So it seemed only natural to give this distinction to my first born.

Kalen was due on March 6th, but she decided to come out on February 3rd, which coincidentally is the day Strange Angels was released. How serendipitous.


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