Bright, revisited

I wrote the following to Kristin after hearing Bright for the first time. My first impressions are always my favorite, so I’ll share it with you too.

My first impression of Bright was as this garden of happy calm, not of flowers, but a garden of leafy green. To lay in the soft, plush grass of sound under a bright blue sky and shining sun. Basking. Barefoot. Enveloped by guitar tones. Maybe I wanted to be somewhere pretty today, away from the drab, cold grayness of this Monday. Damn, this is a pretty video.

But then I let go of that, turned off my brain and just let it be. I focused on the day job for a while and let the song play in the background. It was on in the periphery and I realized in the end that it just feels bright blue and kelly green.

Just kinda leaving myself open and cool things are happening. Listen to Bright, or rather, watch Kristin Hersh play Bright.