New Muses

This is Kristin’s “fuzzy, iffy, tentative Muses sequence” for the new Throwing Muses record which was posted on the message board:

Glass Cats
Dripping Trees
Cherry Candy
Sunray Venus
Terra Nova “2” (instr.)
Folding Fire
Clark’s Nutcracker
Triangle Quantico
Sleepwalking 3
Morning Birds 2
Folding Fire “2” (instr.)
Smoky Hands
Lazy Eye
Curtains 2
Triangle Quantico (again)
Morning Birds
Walking, Talking
Terra Nova
Sunray Venus “2” (instr.)
Blurry 2
Sleepwalking 2
Cherry Candy 2
Smoky Hands “2” (instr.)
Dripping Trees 2

Is this not incredible? Seeing this the first time made me all tingly with anticipation of this epic record. I love that there are songs I don’t know, and versions of songs we haven’t heard yet. I love not knowing what to expect.

Looking at this sequence as it is, and assuming it stays this way somewhat, it’ll totally fuck with my head to have Dripping Trees before Cherry Candy. Not saying this is a bad thing, but it’ll fuck with my head.

I really am cool with this.

I LOVE that there are 1s and 2s of songs (and in Sleepwalking’s case: 3s). I can’t wait to hear what each of these songs share and how they’re different. And that Triangle Quantico, which is so close to my heart, I love that song so much, is on the record twice? That’s amazing. And I think it should always follow Curtains.

I am so lucky Throwing Muses is my favorite band.


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