Bright is one of those songs I loved instantly. I very quickly found I couldn’t get enough of it. Maybe it was because it’s such a raw recording and I can’t hear the lyrics.

I like to think I don’t focus on lyrics, and I really don’t, except that I liken them to a vocal instrument. When I can’t hear them so well it’s like I’m missing something. It leaves Bright with a little air of mystery in that regard. I’m cool with that. It’s such a young song that I don’t think we should know all its secrets yet.

Bright feels bright blue and kelly green to me. Bright, vivid lush warm-weather colors. It’s comfortable. Enveloping. Like long, plush dark green grass. I get lost in it.

Bright also has a song cousin which is very special to me. I’m not telling you which that may be, you’ll have to figure it out.

If you haven’t heard Bright, you’d better get on over to Kristin Hersh’s CASH Music page and sign in with your Strange Angels email and see the video. If you’re not a Strange Angel, you really should be.


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