Free Fall

I had such a stressful drive home Friday, trying to beat Friday Boston traffic for 3pm school pickup. I was late before the highway-blocking accident 10 minutes from school, it sucked. At least school didn’t yell at me, I sure wasn’t in the mood for that.

I was so aggravated by the time I got home. I jumped right back online, since I still had my workday to finish and something told me to check the Free Fall was up. I really needed it then.

I would’ve preferred to hear it when I was not half pissed off, but it did get me out of my funk although it took me a bit longer to feel it.

I really felt like I needed an afro the first couple of times I heard this, the grooviness popped out at me. Now I don’t focus on that so much anymore. It’s big. It’s beautiful. I love the lyrical quotes. The killer drums. The screaming guitar. The grooooooovy bass. It’s so strong. If songs were bones, Free Fall would be a femur.

These 50FOOTWAVE songs are so SMRT. (like that?) I love their brains and their complexity, my brain loves this, the structure, the precision. The perfection. I love how these first 3 songs have had such distinct personalities. They keep me thinking.

I’m so overwhelmed by Free Fall. It must seem like I’m ALWAYS overwhelmed. With Kristin’s music, I am.

Our delicate trauma.


2 thoughts on “Free Fall

  1. Mark. says:

    “If songs were bones, Free Fall would be a femur.” is such a spot on description of the song (in ways I don’t quite understand).

    This didn’t grab me as quickly as Grey or Radiant Addict (boomboomboomboomboom) but every listen sucks me in further and currently I can only listen to it when I’m far enough away from anything I might damage trying to airdrum along.

    How are these songs cramming so much into such a short tracklength?

    • tine says:

      That’s exactly how I felt with this track too, but I had chalked it up to my stressful afternoon. But I think if this song were on an album we heard all at once, it’d hit me later on, after the Radiant Addicts and Greys said their piece. I find songs like that tend to stay strong forever, which is kinda what I meant with the femur thing.

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