I love this song, forgive me

See what I did there? Made a little play on words? Took Kristin’s line and made it fit my needs? I’m oh-so-clever!

I figured I should talk about Radiant Addict before the next 50FOOTWAVE song from With Love from the Men’s Room is posted. Before I become an addict of something *else*. Whoa, I’m being clever again! I think I’m so fucking funny sometimes.

But seriously, I love this song, forgive me. ‘Forgive me’ because sometimes I feel like maybe I just love ALL the songs way too much and maybe that discounts my reactions to new songs. Like, oh, tine loves EVERYTHING. But that’s just not true (I still don’t like That’s All You Wanted, sorry).

C’mon though, the DRUMS, OMG, the DRUMS. boomboomboomboomboom. Firing off like the darts in my head. It gives me restless leg syndrome.

“So this is god’s country, boy his bugs are itchy” This makes me laugh inside.

The bass is kinda…..sinister? Like, those nutty drum beats are right in your face, but that bass is lurking in the background, sneering at you a bit, saying ‘I’m badass too’ then that crazy guitar at the end just BITESYOURFUCKINGHEADOFF. Bam. and it ends. I love that. So abrupt, so final. “I’ve just bitten your fucking head off! Finis.” That guitar apparently has a really funny accent too but sadly I can’t convey that in this post.


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