The Red Eyes Experience

I’m pretty sure I’m going to fail at my attempt to describe this, but I’ll try nonetheless.

Let me preface my story with a statement that I absolutely love the Season Sessions recordings which Kristin’s released so far. I find I listen to them A LOT in the grand scheme of music listening. A new life has been breathed into these songs, I love that they came up with this idea as a companion to Rat Girl/Paradoxical Undressing. It shows that they are timeless, yet also the contrast between then and now. I love listening to them so much because I’ve been able to hear so many new things in them that I haven’t heard before. Or felt, as I’ll try to convey.

One day, I started off on my roughly one hour, give or take, commute listening to Red Eyes, Season Sessions version. Long story short I ended up having the most vivid experience while listening to that song. It was really quite incredible, to the point where I wished I was an artist so I could somehow portray what I was “seeing” for everyone else to see too. It was pretty much the coolest experience ever.

I ended up listening to that song for the entire hour or so it took me to get to work. I felt like my virtual self was meandering through the most beautiful “musicscape”. The comfortable beauty really can’t be described, but it was definitely Utopian, which may be what drew me to listen to only that song for so long. I felt like I was in this music video of sorts, where this gorgeous meadow unfolded around an animated profile of myself. Virtual me wandered along this constantly changing imagery as the music continued to play. It’s really indescribable, I’m not sure why I’m trying.

I wish I could make what I saw into a music video. I wish you all could experience that serene perfection, where everything was comfortable, where everything was OK.

It’s been a good month or so since that experience but it still resonates with me. Recently I started thinking about it again, and realized that you can consciously open your soul to the music and let it in. If you’re truly in the right mindset it’ll swirl around in there, and take you to where you really belong. It’s kinda surreal when it happens. It’s not something you can force, but you have to actively listen. I’m finding so many earth-based “musicscapes” (as I like to call them) like this in Kristin’s music. It makes sense really, as I’ve always had “winter songs” and “spring albums” and snowy tree songs. Release yourself from lyrics (I hear them as a vocal instrument most of the time anyway) and just feel the song.

It’s interesting, however, that these soul experiences come with such earthly imagery. Maybe it’s because our physical minds have no other point of reference. Whatever it is, it’s pretty great. It’s truly beautiful in here, thank you, Kristin.


One thought on “The Red Eyes Experience

  1. melz82 says:

    Tine, I know – think I know – this feeling.
    It’s the only thing to calm me, sometimes – music and memories – you can trust it entirely and give yourself up to it.
    Thanks for the honest words.

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