of ginger ale and love

I’m feeling quite wistful, not quite wanting to come down off my Throwing Muses high, but knowing it’s inevitable.

This past week with Throwing Muses in the studio was pretty fucking amazing, surpassed all imagination. That my favorite band of my entire life was in the studio? That was a pretty big thing for me. That they were posting videos from the studio? Even bigger. I mean, I’ve been there, and I was there, but these videos showed so much that you don’t see when you’re actually there. I certainly would not have been staring Kristin in the face as she laid down backing vocals to Folding Fire.

Kristin looks downright radiant in the studio with the band. I’m pretty sure that’s my favorite part.

I’m kinda bummed out that this CASH series has ended and there isn’t going to be another Muses demo this month. It feels like there’s so much left to the story. I’ve enjoyed this past series immensely, maybe because these were Muses songs, but also maybe because these songs were all so strong. They ARE so strong. This story can’t be finished. I’m not quite ready for it to be.