Sometimes, OK, maybe often, I write letters to Kristin about my reactions to her songs. A lot of the posts here are based on those, with some of the personal stuff stripped out. It’s definitely true that I’d write different for public consumption than I would as a private note to one person I am close to, but K encouraged me to post this one as-is. It makes me feel a little self-conscious and a bit exposed, but I guess if Kristin can publish her diary of her 18th year for all the world to read, I can post a few paragraphs for a small subset of that world. As posted on K’s message board:

You never disappoint me, K. Not yet, anyway, ha.

I’m sitting here in the dark of morning, my favorite time of day, stuck to my seat with my headphones in my ears. Stunned. I think I might need to be snapped out of it, I have to get ready for my day soon.

The guitar sounds on both songs are so cool. I’d love to say more but I’m really stupid about music. I keep focusing on the guitar though, especially in Bluff, it stands out front and center and it’s so interesting to listen to with your airy vocals swirling above like clouds.

But then Blurry stands up, starts talking, then ends up screaming in my face. Damn.

I love how the intro to Blurry gives no indication of what’s to come. This false sense of security some of these songs give you is so great, you get all comfortable in the sweet, add in a little uncertainty when the tempo changes, then it ends up bashing you in the solar plexus and “holy shit” is your only response. No, maybe “holy fuck” is more apt. I really don’t have any more words to say. Except maybe that the end of the song feels like a release.

Now I’ve made myself late because there’s still so much to hear. Worth it though.