Curtains/Triangle Quantico

Curtains/Triangle Quantico is one of THOSE songs – I loved it right away. Then I didn’t listen for a day. The next morning I woke up with it playing very loudly in my head and it hit me. Pretty hard too.

You know that feeling when you’re at the top of roller coaster, and there’s this split second before you take the plunge toward the most thrilling part of the ride? It seems like an eternity, before the big rush, but it’s really such a minute pause.

Kristin sings, “I limit myself to one word… your name.” After “your name” there’s that pause. It’s just like the top of that roller coaster.

I feel a lot of despair in this song, it’s really intense, and that’s probably what’s drawing me in. So often these songs have something to give me. Sometimes they’re more obvious than others. This one’s pretty obvious.

Yesterday, after listening to this song an embarrassing number of times, I sat down to read my book. I turned the page and there’s a mention of Quantico, VA. WTF? I’ve never cared to think about Quantico in my life, ever. Never had a reason to. And there you have it.