It’s about time I post to this thing again.

Swollen surprised me. I didn’t expect it the day I looked at Twitter when I got to the office. I downloaded it right away, and BAM! It got me.

It surprised me with it’s ‘pieces’, as Kristin refers to them. It surprised me at every turn, like little bits of different songs all put together. Little bits which trade off, come back, change a bit. This is how my spastic mind works in it’s slightly attention-deficited way.

The second time I listened to it I was left with this built-up emotion inside, I didn’t know quite what to do with it. Like a pulsing bit of lava just below the surface, I nearly cried at my desk. Not out of sadness or anything I could put my finger on, but just because the song is kinda deep. I feel these songs deep inside, in my soul or something. It’s some place undefinable, anyway.

I don’t hear this as a Muses song, however. I think it’s a solo song and that’s my non-authoritative opinion. 🙂