I dunno, maybe I need a gimmick. Something to get me to post more often.

Here’s one: My Song of the Day. Doubt I’ll keep up with that, but for today it works.

Today’s Kristin Hersh song of the day is Vitamins V. I haven’t listened to this song (or even The Grotto at all) in a long, long time. The newer songs have been consuming me, or I’ve been off listening to other stuff.

Vitamins V is one of my favorites off The Grotto, although admittedly I have several “favorites” from this album. It’s quiet and builds in intensity, and that’s pretty much the one common trait of all of my most favorite of Kristin’s songs. I love the quiet part in the beginning, it’s soothing almost, then you’re hit with a bit of intensity before it quiets down again. I DO remember shy person hell and it sucks.

My favorite line in the song is “you’re gonna wanna ride back here with me…. I’ve got the coolest view’” Kristin’s inflection there is just perfect. That’s not just the icing on the cake, but the sprinkles.