My first reaction to the chorus in Kristin Hersh’s latest song, Quick, was “ohmyGOD, I feel as if I’ve been kicked in the chest”…with a giant boot, a big Doc Martens fit for a clown.

It was 6am. I don’t think I was prepared for that level of intense that early in the morning.

Kristin describes this song as “sad”. I’m not sure if “sad” is enough to describe it.

It’s that chorus, it just KILLS me. Kristin sings the song so sweetly, then the guitar kicks in with those crazy drums and damn, the bass, and that chorus and I feel bowled over like I’ve been hit with this dull and powerful force. A power that was sitting there, lurking in the shadows ready to spring and catch you off guard. It’s almost like I have to shake it off each time.

The rest of the song is so nice, lovely. But it’s deceiving, because that chorus kicks in again just when you’re getting comfortably settled into the sweetness and it hits with this veiled intensity. Feel it.


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