Call me crazy

OK, there’s this song, it’s called Don’t Tell Me and it was written by Joe Henry, who, as you may know, has worked with Kristin Hersh in the past. It’s beautiful. Take a listen, and yes, this is Madonna performing this song on Letterman some years ago. Yes, Madonna. I don’t qualify as a Madonna “fan” by any means, but I love this performance. It’s unfortunate that Madonna massacred the shit out of this song when she recorded it and made it all dancy and just….crap. But that’s Madonna, she makes dance pop. Dance pop never feels right to me.

Anyway, my point to all this is that I happened to have been watching Letterman the night that Madonna performed this song. I loved the guitar sound, and really, the whole song. I have always been curious as to what this song would sound like if Kristin would perform it. I wonder what her take would be on it, how it would sound with her own flavor of beauty made by both her voice and by The Guitar That Love Built. Call me crazy.


One thought on “Call me crazy

  1. leslie says:

    I remember catching that David Letterman show and really liked the song as well. I didn’t even recognize it when I heard the dancy dance version of it. I don’t mind the album version because that’s what I expect to hear from Madonna, but I definitely like this live version much better. I second your vote to have Kristin cover it. You know she could do both guitar parts herself on her GTLB and it would sound awesome. The end!

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