Another Hidden Gem

I feel that Krait and Mississippi Kite get all the love when it comes to the Speedbath songs. Each time I hear Krait I think it’s the best song I’ve ever heard. I mean, it just blows me away. Every time. Mississippi Kite too, it’s just as good as Krait, but as far as I’m concerned, Krait’s got something a little extra and it’s my favorite of the Speedbath songs.

This post isn’t about those heavy hitters.

It’s about Fortune. Fortune, which has forced itself on me a lot recently. Fortune, which, to make a baseball analogy (I don’t even like baseball all that much), is maybe the Dustin Pedroia of the Speedbath songs. Unexpectedly great for it’s size? One might look at Fortune next to Krait and Mississippi Kite and think, hmm, nah, nothing can match those guys. But you’d be wrong. Fortune just hit a fucking grand slam. (this is not a family blog)

Fortune is way more incredible than I ever realized. Why is this? I don’t know. I wonder what was going on in my life when this was posted. Probably something that made me busy and distracted, as life often does. I wonder if I wrote anything about it back then. Maybe, I’ll have to check.

I was listening to the live show recorded in York this past Spring when Fortune grabbed hold of my attention. It just feels right, right about now. I doubt I can do it justice by trying to put it into words. There’s a subtle intensity about it that I just love. I’m ALL about subtlety. Wonder Bread may not taste good but it sure sounds fantastic.

As an added bonus you can sing this to your child’s orthodontist: “And by the waaaaaayyyy, you cost a fortune….”


3 thoughts on “Another Hidden Gem

  1. Wojtek says:

    This is more or less how I feel about “Static” — some other songs get much more talk in the fanbase, but it’s “Static” that gets me every single time and makes me incapable of concentrating on anything else that what I’m hearing. “Krait”, “Mississipi Kite”, those are big players, but “Static” is an underdog that somehow wins against them for me every time. No baseball reference because I don’t know jack about baseball.

    That is not to say that “Fortune” isn’t a wonderful song, because it definitely is! Oh, I’ve gone a bit off topic here, haven’t I?

  2. tine says:

    Not off topic at all! 😉

    I love that you feel the same way about Static, that’s awesome. The “a thousand miles away from here/you’re one micron away from me” gets me every time.

    I’ll talk about Static too someday, I promise 🙂 And I’m barely qualified to comment about baseball myself.

  3. Paul Bruneau says:

    I must admit I hardly even noticed Fortune until those UK concerts. It shot to my top 5. When I was typing in the song titles on my recordings I even had to ask Billy, “Hey, this one that goes ‘…and by the way…’, is that Fortune?” That was a little embarrassing, but I am horrible with remembering song titles.

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