My reaction to Kristin Hersh’s song Flooding was immediate and pretty intense. Some of them do that.

Kristin got on stage, and she opened with this new song- I had never heard it before. I hadn’t paid too much attention to the setlists of her recent UK shows, I had no idea she had been playing this out. I had helped her put together the setlist just minutes before and there was no mention of a new song. I was pretty surprised and a bit blindsided by it. That was pretty awesome.

I felt the song immediately, deeply. The song seemed pretty simple on the surface, but it was packed with such subtle power. It went to that sweet spot deep inside, where the essence of self lives. It was gorgeous, flowing. I kept thinking of it through the rest of Kristin’s set. Flooding had gone right in, but it left a little hole and I needed more. Like being only able to have one taste of a pie that turns out to be the best pie you’ve ever had.

The day after The Bell House show Kristin did a session for UGO.com, which was posted up on their site about a week later. Flooding! I was so happy to be able to hear it again, to fill that little hollow space it had left.

My absolute favorite way to listen to music is in a pitch-black room, with headphones and completely stripped of all other sensory perception. There’s nothing else to look at, nothing to feel in the physical sense, nothing else to hear but the music for what it is. I haven’t done that in years, my life just doesn’t allow that freedom anymore.

Flooding made me do that. I closed my eyes, covered them and let it in. It’s what I had wanted since Brooklyn. More pie. I can’t even find any words to explain how it feels. Comfortable? Enveloping? Pure? Gorgeous, flowing velvet beauty? Whatever it feels it’s natural, like it belongs where it is. I’m not asking questions of it, though can’t help but wonder why this song is pulling me in so strong. It won’t let me go, it’s a little overwhelming.

Each time it ended I thought, “it’s over already?” And it made me listen again.

I said yes to the Flooding.


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