post show high

Speaking of Kristin Hersh’s live show in Brooklyn last month, I dug out something I wrote a few days afterward when I had Sand stuck in my head. I had woken up with it there, as part of the extended “high” that always seems to happen after a show. It made me so happy, because I like it when my mind keeps the forces of nature at bay and keeps the songs there. Often, after I see Kristin play I drive home in silence. No radio, no talking, nothing. It’s because I want to keep the sounds in there, swirling around within my head. I want nothing to push them out and erase the feeling that lingers after seeing the songs come from their source. They’ve got added power that way.

It doesn’t matter that Sand wasn’t part of the set Kristin played that night, I think it settled in my head because I had been really feeling the first 4 CASH tracks of 2009 in the few weeks prior and it was Sand’s turn. And I heard the words. I kept focusing on “the perfect manifested heaven” and thought…… that’s what it’s like watching Kristin play live. A perfect manifested heaven. Out of context, yes, but I can make this association because I can; Creative Commons, right? 🙂 I love that the songs form these metaphors, which change and adapt as life moves along, they’re different for everyone with vastly different things going on in their lives, yet they yield such similar emotional responses. It’s fascinating. And very powerful too.


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