I think Opiates kinda got a bit of the shaft when it was first posted. This was not intentional, of course, it was just bad timing that Flooding was posted merely days after on UGO.com. See, Flooding and I had kind of a love-at-first-hear thing going on since Kristin played it at The Bell House in Brooklyn. Hmm, that was almost a month ago already. I had to go through that initial infatuation period with Flooding before I could settle in with anything else.

I really liked Opiates a lot, it just hadn’t demanded my attention, preferring to sit back patiently while I played with another kid. But then today I felt it. Really felt it. Out of the blue, too. I’ve been enjoying that song, but not really feeling it until today. Today it was my soundtrack, it made me stand up and listen. I felt the cadence of Kristin’s vocals, how they undulate with a million words, rhyming and meshing and morphing as they go along. They’re quiet and sneaky, those guys. They weren’t supposed to attract my attention, that was the job of the outro. But they did, and even in silence I still feel them, like I should be after riding Opiates waves all day.


2 thoughts on “Opiates

  1. eric says:

    This is why I’m so deeply in love with Kristin’s music. I remember having “Hips and Makers” forever and just not being interested and then one day…it hit me. And I was hooked on everything. And still to this day I get hit in the face randomly by songs that never did anything for me before and it’s just the best feeling in the world. No other artist has that effect on me though. Love it.

  2. leslie says:

    i didn’t love it at first either, but i’m coming around to it now. it’s still not totally a favorite….yet!

    when i hear it i think of Sky Motel, it has the same vibe to me as SM.

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